Massage Therapist – Kathleen Sistare

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Massage Therapy

“Massage gave me freedom from the entrapment of tight constrictive muscles that were causing me so much pain from a car accident that I had been in several years prior. The physical benefits were astounding. While my therapy progressed, my range of motion increased, I could turn my head, raise my shoulders, bend over, etc. with decreasing pain… but, I realized that there was something more that was becoming clear to me.
For the second time in my life (that I could remember), I felt nurtured from a massage therapist, who was patient and caring enough to listen to my needs, and with compassionate, intuitive hands, used her skill with grace professionalism.”
“My passion for receiving massage therapy gave me a renewed hope. I began to use my massage sessions as an opportunity to mentally unwind and regroup, while my tight knots and muscles were releasing.  Many times, it became clear how the physical, mental and emotional all interconnected; a pain or knot, was an unresolved  problem, fear or anger issue, that was still eating away at me I learned so much from my own bodywork.”
“My acceptance  and new found joy in receiving massage gave me the courage and respect for myself to leave a job that was physically making me ill from an office with no circulation and stagnant cigarette smoke.  Although I enjoyed helping to make a difference in the lives of the people I worked with, I  felt trapped and was always putting the needs of others before my own. Massage had relieved my stress and enabled me to make a career change.”
“Since 1994 as a full time licensed massage therapist, 29 years of receiving therapeutic massage, physical therapy, and other modalities of alternative forms of bodywork, and 18 years experience as a Wellness Educator,  I am committed to helping others reach their goals, as they strive for optimal h ealth.”

“I continue to have a strong desire to share the wisdom that I have learned and continue to learn, through the touch of my massage therapist(s), body workers, other healers, educators and clients along  my journey to whole body wellness and pain management.”
“Customer Service is very important to me.  I treat people the way I want to be treated.  Whether it’s your very first phone conversation with me, or your 200th, your first massage or your 150th, or whether you’re my first client of the day or my 5th client of the day, I try to put myself on the receiving side of the situation.”
“Quality is also very important to me. The products used in the massages are also excellent. 100% PURE JOJOBA, First Press, Unrefined, Golden Liquid Jojoba expeller pressed from Jojoba Seeds, Pesticide-Free. SOOTHE,  an all natural anti-inflammatory with capsaicin, menthol, eucalyptus, JOYFUL GEL, an organic all natural anti-inflammatory with cinnamon, aloe, ginger.”

– Kathy Sistare