07 Jan Massage Manchester CT

Sistare Wellness is a Manchester, Connecticut massage therapy office that provides advanced therapeutic and relaxation massage in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment. Routinely scheduled monthly body work with a licensed massage therapist can result in a multitude of benefits. The Sistare Center for Wellness in Manchester CT is...

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01 Oct Massage Therapy Vernon CT

Massage Therapy Near Vernon CT Massage therapy can relieve muscle stiffness and pain, provide improved circulation, and promote healing to tissues. Licensed therapist Kathy Sistare, at Sistare Center for Wellness, is a skillful master of deep tissue and muscle manipulation. Kathy enjoys a sterling reputation in...

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17 Sep Massage Therapy Near Hebron CT

Sistare Center for Wellness Massage Therapy can impart long-term benefits that improve the way your body functions, reduce anxiety, and lower you systolic blood pressure. A long-term wellness regimen that includes massage will make you feel better, promote relaxation, relieve muscular discomfort, increase your flexibility, decrease...

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